Here's a Few Great Facts About ARIIX:

ARIIX has 7 Owners with over 125 years of Experience in MLM

ARIIX 2016 Sales were $151 Million

ARIIX has Industry 1st, Founders Club with Profit Sharing

ARIIX has Industry 1st, Representatives "Bill of Rights"

ARIIX has 3 Patents on the ARIIX Compensation Plan

ARIIX has 6 Unique Brands in the Health & Wellness Industry

Build Unlimited Width and Depth

ARIIX Pays Out 50% of Sales to is Representatives

ARIIX Launched July 4, 2011 and has shifted in to Momentum

ARIIX has offices in 9 Countries and is Shipping into 28 Countries

ARIIX Pays on One Line

ARIIX's Up Front Bonus (Team Lead Bonus)

ARIIX's Up Front Bonus (Team Lead Bonus) Pays MORE than Any Other Compensation Plan While Points Still Roll Up.

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